#DIY Outdoors: Make your tree look great using stone

Image from PinterestI loved this idea that I found on Pinterest immediately. My tree needed help and this was a perfect way to spruce up my backyard. Our first stop was the hardware store to buy stones to go around the tree.

There were a lot of different types to choose from. Buy per your budget because this is where most of your expense is going to come into play.

My husband started by making a circle around the bottom of the tree using the stones we chose. He used a garden hoe and a basic level to do the job.

I went behind him and placed the top two layers of stone as he finished the bottom layer and created the circle.

My TreeAfter the stone was finished being placed we went and got a load of dirt in the truck. It was cheaper to buy top soil like this than bag by bag.

My son helped us unload the dirt and level it out around the tree.

My oldest daughter and I then planted different bulbs that will come up next year and every year after that. For the finish I added some mulch over the dirt and I just love the way it turned out.

My TreeWhat a perfect Pinterest find. This project made my ugly tree look beautiful and it also made my backyard smell good with the flowers. I enjoy looking out my backyard window again while doing dishes.




YouTube Video

[su_youtube url=”https://youtu.be/rDYQFR_vme8″ width=”400″ height=”200″ autoplay=”yes”]

Items Needed

Top Soil
Garden Hoe


Level out the ground and create your bottom circle. Layer your stones on top of the circle you created and then fill with dirt. Plant your flowers or bulbs and top off with mulch.


Have any other ideas you tried for that ugly tree in your yard? Tell me about them! Want to see a Pinterest Pin in action? Message me and I will try it out.



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