In today’s video, let’s talk about doing things in the proper seasons on your homestead. Being self-sufficient on the farm or homestead is one thing that makes us homesteaders. Living off the land, foraging, husbandry, cutting our own wood for heat and cooking, gardening, canning, keeping bees, preserving, and all the other fun things is what us homesteaders get to do.

Homesteading is a lot of work.  We love doing the things that we need to survive.  However, we do have to put a lot of effort into growing, chopping, animals, and so much more to make sure we can stay “off the grid” as much as possible.

My tip for you is to do the jobs around your homestead when conditions make it comfortable and efficient to do so. Unless you have some necessity to build a chicken coop in -10 degree weather it is probably not the best idea to do so. You would be uncomfortable and it would make the job a bit harder than doing it during any other season.

Also, try to do things when they naturally occur in nature. You wouldn’t plant a garden in the middle of winter. Do things on time and not early or late unless you want that pepper in your meatloaf to cost more money and energy than necessary.

Spread tasks evenly through the year. Cut down trees in the winter and let them dry throughout spring and summer. Then use fall to chop them up.

Your garden and canning is going to take up most of your time in spring and summer. While you’re hunting and preserving meat all fall and winter long.

Doing things in the proper seasons makes it possible to get more done while still having time to live your homesteading life.

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