How To Make A Fire Starter Using Stuff At Home

Learn how to make DIY Fire Starters for your fireplace, wood-burning stove or oven, or anyplace that you need to start a fire. Using items you already have at home you can make these fire starters simple and easy.


Items Needed To Make Fire Starters

  • Toilet Paper Roll or
  • Paper Towel Roll
  • Dryer Lint

How To Make Fire Starters

  1. Take your toilet paper or paper towel rolls and start saving them for fire starters near your washer and dryer area. I place mine up above in the cabinet where I keep my washing detergent and other items needed for washing clothes.
  2. After you finish drying a load of laundry simply grab a cardboard roll and stuff the dryer lint inside. Typically, you will not fill up an entire toilet paper roll with one dryer lint cleanout. It takes me at least 3 full dryer cycles of lint to completely stuff the roll full.
  3. Keep any full rolls near your fireplace or stove for easy access.
  4. When starting a fire simply grab a DIY fire starter and use it in conjunction with or in place of your kindling or paper.


This is a super quick and easy way to reuse items you already have around your home and would typically throw away.

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