What To Do To Your Orchard In Early Winter

Woooo Hooooo!!!! ***excited*** Winter is upon us and early winter means getting your seasonal homestead chores completed.

There are many areas on your homestead farm that need to be focused on right now. Join me for my Early Winter Chore series of videos where I will teach you how to break down your homesteading chores by season so you don’t get overwhelmed and you stay organized on the farm.


Orchard Chores For Early Winter

Let’s discuss what needs to be done to your orchard yearly in the early winter.

  • Ashes –

    We talk a lot about saving the ashes from your wood stove and fireplace for use around the homestead and farm. Now is the time to take some extra ashes and sprinkle them around your trees. Try not to sprinkle them too close to the trunk. Use the ash and cover the soil above the ground roots that spread out from the tree. As a rule, I find the area where your tree branches stop and make a circle of ash on the ground right outside of that line.

  • Protection –

    Take this early winter downtime in your orchard to check your animal repellant and traps. Ensure your deer repellant and rodent traps are in working order. If needed make any repairs or replace any broken items.


Check out my Early Winter Homesteading Chore List to stay organized on your farm!


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