#DIY: Rainbow Dash Wrapping Paper

I found this awesome pin on Pinterest. Said to use paint swatches and put them on a gift to decorate plain wrapping paper. After sending my son into the store to grab a few paint swatches for this little girl’s birthday party he came out with every color under the rainbow and Rainbow Dash wrapping paper was born. Instantly I saw those colors and thought… this is going to be better than awesome!

Original Pinterest Pin:








YouTube video with instructions on how to make your own Rainbow Dash wrapping paper.

[su_youtube url=”https://youtu.be/J7xtk_TvrFQ” width=”400″ height=”200″]INSERT LINK[/su_youtube]

Items Needed:
Light Blue Wrapping Paper
Rainbow Colored Paint SwatchesRainbow_Dash
Stamp Cutter

1. Use the wrapping paper and wrap your gift.
2. Take the stamp cutter and punch out some cute hearts or clouds in the rainbow colors.
3. Use the tape to put ribbon around the gift.
4. Glue the paint swatch cutouts onto the ribbon.
5. Continue for each gift. You now have Rainbow Dash wrapping paper!

You can get even more creative by adding some stickers or using her cutie mark as a cutout for the ribbon. Did you try this at home? Send me pictures of your My Little Pony wrapping paper.



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