#DIY: Soaker or Trickle Hose For Your Garden

soaker hoseMake life simple and easy with this DIY soaker / trickle hose for your plants.

Use this in the garden, flower beds, and just about anywhere you need to water.

Takes less than 10 minutes to complete and saves you tons of time all year long.

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YouTube video explaining how to make your own DIY soaker or trickle hose.

[su_youtube url=”https://youtu.be/zoaA4Cw_5g0″ width=”400″ height=”200″]LINK[/su_youtube]

Items Needed:
Hose (any length you need)
Ice Pick

1. Lay your hose down in your garden around your plants making sure to give enough room at the end to still reach your water. I attached my hose to the rain barrel and then ran it from the rain barrel to the plants.

2soaker hose. Poke holes using your ice pick and hammer about 6 inches apart. Do this only around your plants.

3. Cover the hose with a thin layer of dirt and / or mulch to cover it.

4. If needed – Add an end cap to the hose, you can find these at any hardware store.

5. You are now ready to water your plants with no effort at all!

I wanted to save money so I used an old hose my father-in-law gave us and I attached my trickle hose to our rain barrel.  This was a great Pinterest find and I am so glad I tried it out!  You should do the same!


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