#DIY: Clothesline Cheap and Easy

DIY ClotheslineTired of looking for a clothesline only to come up empty-handed or have to pay outrageous shipping because they are only offered online?

Let me show you how to make one that doesn’t cost much of anything at all.

Drying your laundry outside on a clothesline not only saves money but it also makes your clothes smell great.

Not using the dryer to dry your clothes when you do laundry will save money.

Let the sunshine dry your clothes instead. All you need are a few simple things to get started.

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YouTube video showing you how to assemble your clothesline.


Items Needed

  • Clothesline or Rope
  • Screw Hooks
  • Wooden beams
  • Concrete
  • Shovel
  • Saw

1. Use a saw and cut out a section near the top of the longest beam but not cutting through entirely.Clothesline
2. Then place the shorter beam in the opening securing the two together with screws.
3. Dig a deep hole and put in concrete before placing the beam inside and covering it all with dirt.
4. Let the concrete set for 48 hours before hanging your screw hooks and clothesline.


You can also add a turnbuckle to automatically tighten your clothesline when it sags. If you really want to cut back on cost use two trees or any vertical surface in your yard instead of building the clothesline out of the wooden beams.

Have any creative clothesline ideas? Let me know I would love to hear them!


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Please also watch my other DIY Pinterest videos on YouTube.

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