#DIY: Rain Barrel

Looking for a thrifty and efficient way to water your plants and garden thisRain Barrel summer? I found a pin on Pinterest that was about to make my life easier and save on my water bill. Create a rain barrel in your backyard.

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YouTube video explaining how to create the rain barrel.

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Items Needed:
Large Barrel (we got ours from my husband’s work but you can buy them at any major hardware store)
Water Spout and Attachment

1. Make sure your water barrel is on a flat surface (flat as you can make it).
2. Use a drill and make a hole for the attachment piece of your water spout and then screw the spout on the attachment.
3. Cut a hole in the top of your lid, make it a little bit bigger than the size of your gutter.
4. Cut your gutter to fit inside your rain barrel and stop 2-3 inches below the top.
5. Cut a piece of screen the size of your barrel and lay it over the top giving room for your gutter to still fit inside the lid.
6. Put the top on your barrel securing the screen in place and insert the gutter.
7. Cut another small hole at the top of your rain barrel and insert a piece of hose as an overflow.

This is a super successful pin and if you are looking to save money on watering your plants then I highly suggest making your own rain barrel. Our water pressure isn’t what we thought it would be so after doing some research we found if you add a water pump or place your barrel 4 feet up in the air it helps.

How did you make your DIY rain barrel? Send me your photos!


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