#DIY Healthy Smoothie – Pineapple – Spinach

Snapshot_1Smoothies are a great way to eat healthy. You can mix up the ingredients to be just about anything you want. You will love this pineapple and spinach smoothie. Your diet will thank you later I promise.Such a fantastic way to eat right while not sacrificing taste. Adjust the spinach and pineapple ingredients to change the flavor if you need to. For a sweeter smoothie add more pineapple. If you are like me then you want to Snapshot_0 (2)cut back on the fruit and add in more greens, so double up on your spinach. Either way you make this pineapple spinach smoothie it is sure to leave you feeling full and refreshed. Subscribe to my YouTube channel DIY Pinterest for Monday – Friday DIY videos from my home to yours.

Video Directions:

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