Pounds Vs. Calories: How Many Calories Equal 1 Pound?

a-pound-of-fat-shareI know that when I look down at my heart rate monitor during a workout and see how many calories I’ve burned I always wonder how many pounds that equals. Have 1 worked off a pound yet? Two? None? Here is a chart to help us out!

Pounds vs. Calories

0.1lb = Approx 350 Calories
0.2lb = Approx 700 Calories
0.3lb = Approx 1050 Calories
0.4lb = Approx 1400 Calories
0.5lb = Approx 1750 Calories
0.6lb = Approx 2100 Calories
0.7lb = Approx 2450 Calories
0.8lb = Approx 2800 Calories
0.9lb = Approx 3150 Calories
1.0lb = Approx 3500 Calories

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