#DIY: Cucumber Sandwich – Eat Healthy!

Cucumber Sandwich

Cucumber Sandwich

Replace the bread in your sandwich with fresh slices of cucumber. This is a healthy alternative to our normal bread, meat, cheese sandwich. You can choose any type of filling for your cucumber sandwich. The ideas are endless.

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YouTube video showing you how to make your own.

[su_youtube url=”https://youtu.be/t_Zfv37VLgw”]

Items Needed:
Cucumber (peal the skin if you want)
Meat / Cheese / Any Filling
Paper Plate

Directions: (makes 2 sandwiches)
1) Cut 4 cucumber slices and set them on your paper plate.
2) Using one cucumber slice top with the filling of your choice.
3) Use the remaining cucumber slice to place on top of your filling, making a sandwich.
4) Enjoy!

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