Melina’s Weight Loss Journey – Getting Back On Track
downloadIt has been a month since I last worked out. I have good excuses, but
then again doesn’t everyone. 🙂 It all started off with a kidney infection that had me laying in bed for 4 days with a heating pad. As I started to get better my mother-in-law (she is 79 and has dementia) got worse. My family decided to take 24 hour shifts at her house to give around the clock care. My husband, kids, and myself took 5 of the 7 days each week. My hour and a half to two hour exercise sessions quickly went out the window as I now did not have any time to spare. Running two households, managing the scheduling of people coming and going at my in-laws for care, working, taking care of my mother-in-law, and raising 4 kids really left me 100% drained.

Unfortunately, we had to place my beautiful and kind mother-in-law in a nursing home the other day because she needs more medical care than the family could provide. This has given me my time back to exercise and taught me a great big lesson in the mean time; no matter what happens in life you must take care of yourself. Even if you are putting your life on hold for another you must still take care of your body and mental health while doing so. After sleeping for the last 4 days and recovering from pushing myself so hard I am ready to get back into my routine.


I need to restart an exercise program, one that will let me catch up on work and still get back into the “groove” of exercise. I choose T25 for now. I can promise myself 25 minutes each day to work on my fitness and get healthy. I want to up that time exercising but I also don’t want to kill myself this first week or so. I know that I will push myself too hard and be in pain the next few days if I don’t watch it. This is all about taking care of myself.

So, don’t fret I simply dropped off the radar for a few weeks but I am back now and ready to show the world that I can lose this weight and keep it off for good! <3 Did you miss me? I missed you!

Head over to my YouTube channel to see what I’ve done so far and see where my progress is today.

Thank You

Thank You


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