#DIY: Designer Candle Holder – Using Dollar Store Items

Designer Candle Holder

Designer Candle Holder

If you want to create an awesome candle holder that looks designer then head to the dollar store because they have everything you need. With a few supplies and a hot glue gun you can make fantastic looking candle holders for next to nothing.

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YouTube video showing you how to make your own.

[su_youtube url=”http://youtu.be/s5epbSFsq9E”]

Items Needed:
Glass Candle Holder
Glass Rocks
Hot Glue Gun

1) Make sure your glass candle holder is clean and wiped off so your rocks will stick to it.
2) Apply hot glue to the back of each glass rock and start applying them to your candle holder in any pattern you choose.
3) Repeat this for each side of the candle holder.
4) Place in your candle and enjoy!


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