#DIY: Marble Nails Using A Spoon – Simple, Easy, Fun!

Snapshot_5 (4)This was actually a pretty great Pinterest find. I am always looking for easy ways to do fun and interesting stuff and this pin did not let me down. One tip I will give you though is to clean the spoon with fingernail polish remover as soon as you are done and not after your nails dry. 🙂

Original Pinterest Pin:















YouTube video showing you how to create your own.

[su_youtube url=”http://youtu.be/NptTlDRtDO4″]

Items Needed:
Two different colors of fingernail polish


Top Coat (not shown in video)

Items Needed

Items Needed

1) Mix the two different fingernail polish colors in the spoon.

2) Lightly dip your fingernail into the polish rolling it ever so slightly.

3) Wipe away excess and let dry before applying top coat.

4) Impress your friends with your “nail” knowledge of how to get the best marble nails in town!

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