#DIY: Age Paper With Coffee

Snapshot_131Aging paper with coffee is simple and easy to do at home. It requires only a cup of coffee and a few minutes of your time. Antiquing paper can leave a classic look to your art project.

YouTube video showing you how to age paper with coffee.

[su_youtube url=”https://youtu.be/8KbR9CdZpvQ”]

Items Needed:
Coffee Grounds
Baking Sheet

1) Brew yourself a cup of coffee.
2) Crumple up your paper into a ball and smooth it back out.
3) Lightly sprinkle a few drops of coffee over your paper and rub it around.
4) Place some coffee grounds on the paper and rub the darker stains in – then wipe away the excess grounds.
5) Bake your paper until the edges start to turn up.

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