Be Healthy: Staying On Track During Vacation

images (2)It is so hard to stay on track with diet and exercise while on vacation.  However, leaving home with a plan of action will make all the difference.  Here are some tips and tricks to help you along the way.

Don’t Forget:

  • You are more active while on vacation.  Think about all the walking from place to place while sight seeing.  You are probably swimming or using the sauna and hot tub.  Maybe you are boating or hiking around the mountains.  These are things you don’t normally do on a daily basis.  Therefore they are added activity into your daily schedule and you are burning more calories.
  • Alcohol is not your friend when you are trying to cut back on calories.  Don’t overindulge on vacation and drink your calories away for the day/week/month in one sitting.
  • Stay on your normal routine for calorie intake.  If you count calories or points don’t stop counting.  Are you keeping a food diary?  Don’t stop.  You need to stay on track.
  • Pack healthy for the road and in the hotel room.  Let’s face it, the healthy options at fast food restaurants is limited.  If you pack some healthy snacks to munch on along the way and while lounging around the hotel room your diet will thank you!
  • Bring your skinny jeans and wear them.
  • Use your fitness and weight loss apps.  There are tons of people cheering our progress on a daily basis through social media and phone apps.  Don’t stop interacting with those motivators!
  • Stay on top of your water intake.  Drink lots of water while laying on the beach or walking around town on vacation.  Don’t substitute for other beverages. 

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