Our Favorite Homesteading Products

Below are some of my favorite homesteading and farm products.  *All items have an amazon link included for easy purchase.  I am always adding new things so be sure to check back often!  If I have left out something that you feel needs to be on this list please leave me a comment below.


Homesteading and Farm Items

  • Pine Shavings – I love to use pine shavings in my animal stalls and chicken coop.  Cheap to buy in bulk, easy to lay down new bedding, and easy to clean up.
  • Straw – I use this for flower beds, our garden, chicken coop deep litter, animal stalls, and as bedding in the colder months to help keep my animals warm.
  • Yard Rake – Must have item for my animal stalls and chicken coop.  You do not want to be without this!  This rake makes cleaning up so much easier!
  • Tarp – Multi-use item, you will want to buy 10 or more.  Great for covering chicken coops in the winter, creating makeshift walls to stop drafts in the barn during winter, covering woodpiles to keep them dry, and much much more.
  • Vaseline – I swear by this to keep your chickens waddles and combs from getting frostbite in the cold months.  Also, rub this on the nose of your animals to stop flies from biting them in the warm months – including your dogs out in the pasture.
  • Hanging Waterer – Great for use with chickens and turkeys!  My favorite waterer!
  • Chainsaw – Don’t be caught on the farm without a chainsaw.  Get stuff done fast and easy!
  • Handsaw – Sometimes a chainsaw is too much for large jobs.  Here is my favorite hand saw.
  • Chicken Wire – Animal pens, chicken coops, doors, walls, the possibilities are endless!  I mostly use this for the animal areas.
  • 2×4 – Building things around the farm.
  • Diatomaceous Earth – Chicken baths, get rid of fleas on domestic animals, get rid of fleas, mites, and parasites on farm animals, for use in indoor plants to stop gnats or fruit flies from making them a home.
  • Freshener Odor Eliminator – Get rid of those bad farm odors!  I swear by these!

Seeds – Gardening


Grow Bags – Container Gardening


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