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Welcome to our Homesteading Farm Life!

If you are on a homesteading journey like us, we invite you to join us on our amazing journey.

A Family Run Homesteading Farm in Illinois Since 2018

It’s our mission to both educate and encourage you in your own homesteading farm life. We are so blessed to love our life and we want to share it with you. We invite you to join our active commity of homesteading farm lifers!

What We Do

Learning to Be Self-Sufficient

Our 40-acre family farm is our homestead. We raise chickens, we chop our own wood for heat and use geothermal cooling in the summer.

Farm to Table

We have large gardens and a small orchard, along with three fully-stocked ponds to bring food to our table.

We have wild nut trees and fruit bushes on our property that we forage.

Reusing and Recycling Everything

Along with our dogs, cats, and kids, we live in a retired bed and breakfast which is big enough for our whole 7-person family!

We believe in wasting less, reusing more and being more self-sufficient.

Is the homesteading farm lifestyle calling to you? If so, this is the place for you. I invite you to join our private group, read through posts on our site and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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About Homesteading

What is homesteading?

Homesteading is a lifestyle of self-sufficiency characterized by subsistence agriculture, home preservation of food, and can involve the small scale production of textiles, clothing, and craftwork for household use or sale.

The Old Definition

According to Mother Earth News: “In the middle 1800s, the word homesteading was synonymous with The Homesteading Act of 1862, which provided public land grants of 160 acres to any adult citizen who paid a small registration fee and agreed to live on the land continuously for 5 years, after which they would be granted a deed to the land.”

Homesteading Today

Homesteading as defined by the dictionary is “any dwelling with its land and buildings where a family makes its home.”

But these days, most people are referring to a home where people are trying to manage to be self-sustained. That’s what we’re doing!

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Welcome to Homesteading Farm Life. Join my family and I as we homestead on our 40-acre farm. Learn how to tend animals at all ages. Get tons of garden tips and tricks. Follow our journey as homesteaders.

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