#DIY: Minecraft Sword – Diary of a Minecraft Enderman’s Apprentice

Minecraft Sword

Minecraft Sword

My daughter is in love with Minecraft these days. She plays the game, makes the crafts, and reads the books. Recently she found a
great author and a new favorite book: Diary of a Minecraft Enderman’s Apprentice.

If you or your little one loves Minecraft and reading then I recommend checking this book out. You won’t be sorry!

Diary of a Minecraft Enderman's Apprentice By Christopher Craft

Diary of a Minecraft Enderman’s Apprentice By Christopher Craft

Ronan and Targle

Ronan and Targle

After reading about the adventure inside this book she wanted me to make her a sword.

A golden Minecraft sword to be exact.

Couldn’t be ice, or wood, or anything but golden.

I searched through Pinterest until I found what her heart desired while not costing me anything at all. Which is what we want as a parent; free or practically free.

I changed things up a bit from what I first found and made the project mine by adding a little paint.

Diary of a Minecraft Enderman's Apprentice

Diary of a Minecraft Enderman’s Apprentice

Let’s get started.

Original Pinterest Pin:










YouTube video showing you how to make your own.

Items Needed:
~This FREE printout from http://allfortheboys.com/home/2013/06/26/digital-to-real-life-diy-minecraft-sword.html

1. Cut out the sword from your printout.
2. Trace the outside of the sword onto your cardboard.
3. Cut the sword out of your cardboard.
4. Using your printout as a template start drawing the squares onto your cardboard sword.
5. Grab your paints and continue using the printout as a template to color in the squares if you are doing a golden sword.
6. After it dries you are ready for an adventure.



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