I am completely addicted to the Better Homes And Gardens Scented Wax Cubes.  I love these wax melts a lot more than other leading brands, including Scentsy.  You can get these melts just about anywhere.  I normally buy mine at Amazon or Walmart and get the 2.5 ounce (70.9 gram) little plastic containers with 6 wax melt cubes in each.  

These cubes can be used in any warmer you already have at home.  You do not have to buy anything special for these wax melts.  I am almost as addicted to buying cute warmers as I am the wax melts.  

Better Homes And Gardens Scented Wax Cubes are normally priced competitively with other brands, and sometimes you get lucky and find them on sale.  They offer a wide array of scents and I have probably bought them all.  I am truly addicted to these things.  One wax cube in my living room warmer can make that entire half of the house smell wonderful.  I have a warmer in my living room, office area, and bedroom.

I buy my wax melts in bulk.  Especially the limited edition scents.  I love having my house smell like warm apple pie, fresh cranberries, Christmas trees, and summer fruits.  I replace my Better Homes And Gardens Scented Wax Cubes once every 2-3 days in each warmer.  These really last a long time and the scents are continuous, unlike air freshener that you have to manually spray throughout the day.    

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