postitworkThe importance of having a great fitness coach is undeniable.  When I first started with BeachBody they automatically wanted to know who my coach was.

I had a friend who was already involved with BeachBody and coaching which was why I went with their workouts to begin with so I automatically started using her as my personal coach.  Laura was great.  I saw her often so it was amazing losing weight with a friend over months and months.

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After Laura stopped coaching I went to the web (specifically Facebook) to find myself a new coach.  I wanted someone who could relate to me, push me, and not push me at the same time.  See, I have this hectic life and work schedule which leaves me with little to zero time.  It is rare for me to be available to anyone every day except for my kids.

I also wanted him or her to use BeachBody because I LOVE IT and swear by everything that I have personally tried!  (Which is a lot but that is for another time.)

I posted my before and after pictures on multiple Facebook BeachBody sites, started talking to other BeachBody coaches and seeing who their coaches were and joined different challenge groups meeting other people who did the workout routines I was currently doing.

Eventually I found Krystle and she has been my rock ever since.  It was an instant connection I had with her.  She was my friend first and my coach second which is exactly what I needed.

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There are important things you should look for when choosing a coach.  My wonderful friend Krystle get’s to be in the spotlight here as my example of perfection.  🙂

Just make sure that when you find someone to help you through your weight loss, health, and fitness journey they give you the support you need, that is most important!

How to Choose a Fitness Coach

Find someone who inspires you

Krystle Blue BeachBody Coach

Krystle Blue BeachBody Coach

When I went fitness coach shopping the first thing I looked at was progression photos.

I am sorry but for me I was fat and was currently trying to get skinny.  So I did not want a coach who had always been skinny.

I wanted someone who could relate to my struggles with being over weight.

Krystle really showed me that with determination and hard work you can look drop dead gorgeous too!

Pick a coach that inspires you on whatever level of fitness you are currently trying to achieve.




 Find someone who isn’t afraid to check up on you

Krystle Blue BeachBody Coach

Like I said earlier my schedule is crazy and balancing my home life, personal life, and work can be a juggling act some months.

I tend to fall off the radar and I needed someone in my life who wasn’t afraid to say hey girl what’s up with you!  You eating right?  You getting your workouts in?  Don’t forget about your health Melina!  Choose a coach that is going to be there for you when your life gets hectic.  We all need a little help staying on track sometimes.  It is too easy to pull over and grab food then it is to work crazy hours and come home and bake salmon and rice for dinner.

Find someone who you connect with

Krystle was my friend before she was my fitness coach.  She made me laugh and I loved reading her fitness posts.

I felt that she was someone who I could connect with and talk to about anything I needed.  If I wanted to shoot her a message about how I ate an entire pint of ice cream and then cried about it the next day I knew she would be there for me.

Or if I told her I hadn’t worked out in 3 days and wasn’t sure where to start in my workout schedule now I knew she wouldn’t just lecture me about my lack of working out but instead give me the information I needed and encourage me to get back at it.  Your coach should be someone you can talk to and relate to as well.

 Find someone who does the same workouts as you

Krystle Blue BeachBody Coach

You don’t want to talk to your coach once a week or every day and hear about lifting weights if you only jog.

I wanted someone who had done these same workouts I was doing and who had (or was currently) succeeding in their efforts.

I wanted to say gosh that Shaun T is BaNaNaS and have them instantly know I was talking about Insanity Pure Cardio.

I was looking for a true BeachBody fitness guru.  I found her!!  Choose a coach that is on the same fitness level as you, doing the same fitness things as you.

Someone who offers you ways of connecting with others

I am a computer geek for real.  I am always playing computer games or posting on Facebook and Pinterest.  I wanted a fitness coach that did a lot on Facebook, specifically, offered a group.

Your coach will also be coaching other people and why not get all these wonderful people together who all have the same goal to help and enourage each other along this journey!

Krystle also uses her Facebook group to do challenge groups.  A challenge group is where 5-10 people all commit to following a specific diet and exercise routine for a mutually decided upon amount of time, which is typically 30, 60, 90 days.  This was perfect for me!  Pick a fitness coach that offers a support system for your health goals.

Reshape your Body in 6 WeeksNo, I am not a coach for BeachBody.  Yes, I know I should be.  However, finding yourself a fitness coach for Crossfit, Zumba, BeachBody, or a personal trainer at the gym is one of the most important things you can do in your fitness journey to ensure success.

My coach has guided me through a 54 lb weight loss and still keeps me on track even a year later.  She is my rock and my “go to girl” on everything fitness related.  I love her for what she has done for me and my body.  Motivation is hard to achieve so go find someone who motivates you too!

Melina Ann

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