tip-jar.tumbler.comDIY Nails: Smoother Polish

I found a Pin which originated from tip-jar.tumbler.com and included a great nail tip.

When painting your nails first put your polish in the fridge for 15 minutes and then it will go on smoother. 

Does this pin work?  Let’s find out!


The YouTube Video

As you can see in my video this tip did not go according to plan. Here is what I did step by step.

Items Needed:

Nail Polish
15 minutes of your time


1. Put the nail polish in the fridge.
2. Wait 15 minutes.
3. Paint your nails.

The polish from the fridge was clumpy and did not go on smooth. I also used room temp nail polish to compare and it goes on like a charm. I recommend that you do not put your nail polish in the fridge to ensure you get a smooth even coat. This is a fail pin. Do not waste your time trying this.

Smother Nail polish?

If you know of a way to get your nail polish to go on smoother please message me and I will try it out.

Want to see a Pinterest pin in action? Not sure if that “pin” actually works? Message me your pins and we will find out together.

Please also watch my other DIY Pinterest videos on YouTube.



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