Adding newsprint to your nails#DIY Nails: Adding newsprint to your nails

When we paint our nails it helps to express our personality and our different moods.

We can paint our nails to match whatever outfit we choose for the day. With so many styles, colors, and ideas, achieving the perfect look can be easy.

I am always looking for new and creative ways to jazz up my nails. I found this fantastic pin on Pinterest that shows us how to transfer newsprint onto our fingernails.

The Original Pin

Let’s see this pin in action. Check out my YouTube video on how to add newsprint to your nails using the method described above.

[su_youtube url=”″ width=”400″ height=”200″ autoplay=”yes”]

Items Needed:

  • White fingernail polish
  • Alcohol
  • Small bowl
  • Newspaper
  • Clear top coat polish

1. Cut out a small portion of newspaper.
2. Paint your fingernails white.
3. Fill small bowl with alcohol.
4. Soak your dry white fingernail in the alcohol for a few seconds (I did it for about 10 seconds even though the video says shorter…I just can’t count).
5. Place newspaper piece over wet fingernail and tap/rub slightly taking care not to move paper.
6. Carefully remove newspaper and apply top coat.
7. Show off your new look to friends because this is GREAT!


Adding Newsprint To Your NailsAdding Newsprint To Your NailsI loved loved loved this pin! Let your nails dry completely from the alcohol before applying your top coat and you are less likely to smudge your newsprint transfer.

If you know of a way to transfer newsprint to your fingernails please message me and I will try it out.


Want to see a Pinterest pin in action? Not sure if that “pin” actually works? Message me your pins and we will find out together.

Please also watch my other DIY Pinterest videos on YouTube.

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