DIY Nails: Polka-dots

I have heard of so many things to use on our nails that I am no longer joy-doodlebug.blogspot.comsurprised when I see a pin wanting us to make polka-dots using a bobby pin.

I’m down for trying just about anything that makes you look pretty. I already had the bobby pins and nail polish, this was turning out as a win win for me. I quickly got down to business.

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Polka-dot nailsDoing this simple and perfect pin I figured out that you can use just about anything to put polka-dots on your fingernails. However, a bobby pin is probably the easiest and most convenient way to go for sure! I have tons of hair and I live in bobby pins. I do try to remember to take them out when I go to bed but normally they stab me in my head at 2 am and end up on my night stand.

Needless to say I have tons laying around. So if you are looking forPolka-dot nails a quick way to spruce up your nails before leaving the house today please try this at home! Thanks and for the great pin!

Love when we find Pinterest pins that actually work! Want to see a Pinterest pin in action? Not sure if that “pin” actually works? Message me your pins and we will find out together.

Also, please watch my other DIY Pinterest videos on YouTube.


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