I am a big fan of going to the salon every few weeks for a professional cut and color.  However, I never bought the shampoos and conditioners that were offered there.  One day my favorite stylist asked me what products I was using on my hair because it was working, my hair was healthy and holding color.  When I told her she smiled and said never to stop.  Who would have thought that a stylist at a professional salon would tell me to use Suave shampoo on my color treated hair.  I was overjoyed because for the price I pay you cannot get a better deal.

The main reason why I never bought the hair products and shampoos at the salon was due to price.  I don’t like to spend a lot of money unnecessarily and felt that $20+ dollars for one bottle of shampoo was pushing my limits.  So I had always bought Suave due to the cost efficiency.  The bottle does say “salon proven to smooth as well as Matrix Total Results Sleek”.  I have never used the Matrix Total Results shampoo and did not buy Suave Professionals Sleek Shampoo for a comparison of that.  I only got Suave Professionals Sleek Shampoo because of the cost and I loved the way my hair felt after using it.

Some shampoos leave a residue and after a time I would have to switch products.  With Suave Professionals Sleek Shampoo there is never a need to worry about buildup or having to find another shampoo.  I have used this same product for over 10 years now with no problems and I absolutely love it.

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