Johnson manufactures and produces Glade Spray in many different scents.  These normally come in 8 ounce (227 gram) spray bottles.  I typically use the sprays to get bad smells out of the bathrooms, I spray the trash cans before replacing the bag, as well as around the dog bed.  Most of the time I purchase whatever Glade Spray is in season since they put out new smells depending on what time of year it is.  However, Glade Spray does have a few regular scents that I have been known to buy.

I get these from just about any store I go to, from Walmart to Target and even at the grocery store you can find yourself a bottle of Glade Spray.  That makes them easy to come by and pick up while you are out and about running errands.  

The smell does not last as long as the other leading brands of aerosol fragrant sprays.  Glade Spray smells fantastic as soon as you press the button and release the little particles into the air.  However, a few minutes later the bad smell is back and your good smelling Glade is nowhere to be found.

Comparing the Glade Spray to other shelf brands they always seem to be the cheapest or most reasonably priced.  This makes them easy for me to justify purchasing and they always fall within my budget.

These little cans are awfully loud.  I purchase other brands regularly and those are quiet when spraying.  Being a woman I don’t really want the entire house to know I am taking a #2 in the bathroom and need to spray the air.  I want to be able to use my air freshener without anyone else being aware.          
So, while I do buy the Glade Spray, and will continue to due to the low cost, they are not my favorite.  When my bank account allows I will purchase the quiet air fresheners over Glade Spray every time.

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