I am so glad to have found these little packets of goodness.  This is my all time favorite drink and my go to when feeling thirsty.  Simply take your 16.9 to 20 ounce bottle of water and pour one flavor packet into it.  Shake.  Drink.  Enjoy.  The packaging says for a stronger Lemonade flavor use a 16.9 ounce bottle of water, for a lighter flavor use the 20 ounce bottles.

I get my boxes of Wyler’s Light Lemonade from the local Dollar Tree, I have seen them at grocery stores and Walmart but they cost more at those places.  I like the local dollar store because everything is $1.    

First off these Wyler’s Light Lemonade flavor packets are only 10 calories while the leading beverages right now are around 90 calories per bottle.  That is a big difference in calorie count.  This is not including the calorie count of leading soft drink brands.  

Wyler’s Light is sugar free also.  Only 10 calories + has no sugar = WIN.  

Being super picky about my Lemonade and I was very surprised I liked the Wyler’s at all.  Normally I don’t drink anything but water and coffee.  However, since finding these packets this Lemonade is pretty much my favorite thing to drink for any meal or snack.
If you like Lemonade and have not tried this brand then you are totally missing out.  The cost is perfect, the taste is sweet and sour lemony goodness, there is no sugar, and they are only 10 calories.  Go get yours today, you will not be disappointed!    

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