MAINSTAYS candles from Walmart are a must buy!  If you are a candle lover like myself then you will be head over heels for these.  The scents are strong and long lasting.  I can buy one of these candles and not use it for 3 months, go to lite it and it has still maintained the scent.  Also, these candles fill the entire room with their smell while you are burning them.  Not many candles can do that.  The MAINSTAYS candle colors are bright and cheerful.  Easy for me to leave these out as decorations around the house until I am ready to use.

I normally purchase the 11.5 ounce (326 gram) candles in bulk and then use them all around the house.  Typically there is one MAINSTAYS candle burning in the office, kitchen, and main room at our place.  We love them so much!

The front sticker on the candle is easily removable and the jars make perfect holders for all types of items.  Opening my bathroom closet you will see these glass jars filled with q-tips, cotton balls, band-aids, and much more.  In my youngest daughter’s room we use the jars for crayons and markers sitting out on the desk.  I saved up about 20 glass jars for a few months, took the front sticker off, tied a ribbon around the outside, filled with colored glass rocks, confetti, water, and a floating flower candle then used them as centerpieces at my daughter’s wedding.

These candles are perfect!

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