Maybe you are homesteaders or want to be homesteaders. You might be dreaming while looking at photos of your future farm. Maybe you have just signed your name on the dotted line to purchase a homestead. Or possibly you have been homesteading for many years.


Homesteading Definition

Homesteading encompasses many different things. Keeping bees, canning, preserving, gardening, husbandry, chickens, off the grid, living off the land, foraging, cutting wood for heat and to cook, and much more. Let’s talk about the definition of homesteading. According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary:


“Homestead – noun

home·​stead | \ ˈhōm-ˌsted , -stid \

Definition of Homestead

1a: the home and adjoining land occupied by a family

b: an ancestral home


2: a tract of land acquired from U.S. public lands by filing a record and living on and cultivating the tract” (Merriam-Webster, 2020)


So while homesteading means many different things basically it all boils down to a HOME that is typically accompanied by LAND that is occupied by a FAMILY!  Homesteading is a lifestyle of being self-sufficient.  Want to homestead? You totally can!


Types Of Homesteading

All you need is a home of some sort and a place to start homesteading. The modern homesteading definition is not much different than the one Webster provides us.

Modern homesteading basically encompasses a great deal more.

Want to homestead on the balcony of your apartment? Ever heard of homesteading in your 1/4 acre (or less) backyard? With modern homesteading the possibilities are endless.

You can have a container garden on the balcony of your apartment growing herbs, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc.  I have a friend who is doing a container garden in her backyard in the suburbs.  She grows everything from potatoes to carrots to kale.

The easiest way to have a modern homestead garden is to start with containers.


Getting Started Homesteading

How To Start A Homestead – Getting Started Homesteading

Decide where your homestead will be. Are you homesteading from your backyard or from your farm? I live on a 40-acre homestead that my family purchased in 2018. However, you can homestead anywhere you want.

Start honing your homesteading skills. Don’t wait until you already have your land. Learn what things you need to do now so that way you are successful right from the start.  Homesteading skills to learn before you start your own homestead.

  • Stay determined.
  • Don’t let things like culling chickens or living off-grid scare you out of wanting to homestead.
  • Every homestead and farm is different.  Make your homestead farm the way you want it.  Find out more in this video.
  • Choose what is right for your homestead.


Chickens – Having Chickens On your Homestead

There are so many different types of animals you can have on your homestead.  Chickens are one of my personal favorites.  They not only make great pets but provide eggs and meat for the homestead as well.  Win-win-win if you ask me.  There is a lot that goes into having chickens.  Here is a link to a playlist I created to help you learn all about how to care for chickens.

How To Care For Chickens Playlist


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Homesteading, Merriam-Webster (2020),


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