#DIY: Alcohol Removes Acrylic Paint

AlcoholEver been completing a DIY project only to get acrylic paint on your clothes? How about your kids? With this new discovery your clothing will no longer be ruined. Try using rubbing alcohol on your stain to get it out.

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YouTube video explaining how to remove the stain.

Items Needed:
70% Rubbing Alcohol
Wash Cloth
Butter Knife

1. Put your washcloth under your stain and soak it with the alcohol, begin scratching along the grain of the fabric with the butter knife.
2. Soak soak soak the stain some more repeating the process with your butter Alcoholknife.
3. After you got out as much paint as you can spray the spot with a regular stain remover and throw it in the wash which will remove the stain the rest of the way.

No more accidental messes that turn your church clothes into play clothes. Now we can remove those stains with a few simple and easy steps. This is a totally successful pin and you should try it at home!


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