In today’s video, I will teach you the things you need to do to keep your flock of chickens warm all winter. Being self-sufficient on the farm or homestead is one thing that makes us homesteaders. Living off the land, foraging, husbandry, cutting our own wood for heat and cooking, gardening, canning, keeping bees preserving, and all the other fun things is what us homesteaders get to do.

Keeping your chickens warm during the cold months can seem like an impossible task for new chicken tenders. I know the first year we had chickens on the homestead my husband and I spent weeks researching all the different ways we could effectively keep the coop warm. Let us teach you everything we learned. You will be a successful chicken tender in no time! And even if you are a veteran at keeping chickens I will share with you my tips and tricks to make life simple and easy during the cold months.

We live in Illinois and it is cold in the winters. I worried about our chickens getting cold too. How would they avoid frostbite? How can I keep their coop warm all winter without using electricity? Should I be worried about drafts in my coop? Can chickens keep themselves warm? Does the coop need ventilation? How do I offer ventilation without causing drafts? What do you do in the winter with these adorable chickens that have now become a part of our family? After doing tons of research let me tell you my winter chicken routine for keeping the ladies warm.

  1. In the video we discuss:
  2. Not Using Heat Lamps
  3. Deep Litter Method
  4. Eliminate Drafts
  5. Offering Ventilation
  6. Roosting
  7. How Chickens Stay Warm
  8. Frostbite on Wattles and Combs
  9. Vaseline

Click that play button and let’s get to talking about chickens!

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