In today’s video, I will share with you how to DIY a turkey roost. Being self-sufficient on the farm or homestead is one thing that makes us homesteaders. Living off the land, foraging, husbandry, cutting our own wood for heat and cooking, gardening, canning, keeping bees preserving, and all the other fun things is what us homesteaders get to do.

Items Needed To Make A DIY Roost

  • 2 Straight trees approx 4 inches thick and as long as you need them to be
  • 2 Straight trees with branches coming out around the same area on both trees
  • Handsaw or chainsaw

How To Make A Roost

1) Cut your trees down and to length

2) Cut the branches off the trees but leave a little bit of one branch in the same spots on two trees to make it where the area will hold and support the other trees you put across it.

3) Lean the two trees that will support the cross beams against the wall of your turkey roost.

4) Place the remaining two beams into the two areas you created earlier to hold them into place.


Tip: Turkeys naturally roost up high in trees. Make sure you put the turkey roosts up high enough to ensure your turkeys will use them.



This is a super simple and easy way to create chicken or turkey roosts for your homestead using nothing but what you already have around the farm. I would love to see your do it yourself roosts, homesteading photos, videos, and read your comments. Join our Facebook group and let’s start chatting.


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