What To Do To Your Garden In Early Winter

Early winter can come upon us before you realize. Your garden is an essential part of your homestead. Let’s talk a little about what you need to do to your garden in the early winter.

Garden Chores For Early Winter

  • Ashes – Start gathering wood ashes from your stove or fireplace. These are not just good for chicken baths. Use the ashes in the garden and spread them over the areas you plant your fruits and veggies. Don’t forget your flower beds they would love some ashes as well. The ashes add potassium to the soil which your plants love.
  • Hardy Plants – You can also use early winter to start your early cold-hardy plants if you live in a more mild climate. Start these plants under cover in the garden to help protect them from the elements as much as possible. You don’t want to kill or stunt the plant’s growth because of an unexpected cold front that moved in for a few days.



Check out my Early Winter Homesteading Chore List to stay organized on your farm!


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