In today’s video, let’s talk about why chickens roll in the dirt. Being self-sufficient on the farm or homestead is one thing that makes us homesteaders. Living off the land, foraging, husbandry, cutting our own wood for heat and cooking, gardening, canning, keeping bees preserving, and all the other fun things is what us homesteaders get to do.

Why Do Chickens Roll In The Dirt?

Do you have tiny raptor-like chickens running around your farm or homestead that insist on rolling around in the dirt? Do you think that maybe your little puppy chickens are going crazy with all these dirt baths? Well, I am here to let you know that this is perfectly normal behavior for chickens. Rolling around in the dirt is also a great way for your chickens to stay healthy.


By rolling around in the dirt your chickens are actually taking a bath. A dirt bath is quite beneficial to your chickens. What they are doing is keeping themselves healthy and clean.

Chicken Dust Bath Benefits

Chicken dust baths help your chickens:
1) Keep Cool In Warm Weather
2) Protect The Chicken’s Body and Skin
3) Remove Parasites, Lice, and Mites
4) Remove Excessive Oils From Skin and Feathers

Provide Your Chickens With A Dust Bath

You will want to provide a dust bath for your chickens or the chickens will create one for themselves. Your dust bath should include dirt, sand, and ashes. You can also use a sprinkling of diatomaceous earth in your dust bath as well. Just about any larger shallow container will work for a dust bath. I use a tire and the corner of my coop on the floor. Just be sure that your chickens can cover themselves completely with the dirt.

Make sure whatever dust bath you choose that it is kept away from the elements. Rain, snow, or anything wet will ruin it for your chickens. Dust baths are a necessity for year-round chicken care.

What type of dust bath do you use? I would love to see your photos, videos, and read your comments. Please leave them down below.

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