Chickens are prepared to naturally combat cold during the winter months. However, there are some things we can do to help our chickens stay warm and feeding them cracked corn is one of them.


Feed Your Chickens Cracked Corn

  • Before Bed

    – Feed your chickens cracked corn before they go to bed. This gives the chicken’s body something to digest overnight which will keep them warmer.

  • Combat Boredom 

    – Giving cracked corn helps to combat boredom in the winter months by giving your chickens something to do.  I like to scatter my corn over the floor of the coop in the winter, especially when using the deep litter method.  The cracked corn + chickens scratching to find it = turning over the deep litter in the coop daily for me so I don’t have to do it manually.  Plus, chickens love scratching around looking for food.


How Chickens Produce Heat

Chickens produce heat through activity and metabolism.  The amount of heat that a chicken can produce is directly related to the type of food you feed them.

By providing the proper complete nutritious feed plus corn during the winter months allows for the chickens to consume as much or as little that they need to keep themselves warm and comfortable in cold weather.


Tips For Feeding Cracked Corn To Your Chickens

  • Water 

    – Remember to always offer enough water to your chickens throughout the day.  Water can freeze during the colder months so remember to go out and ensure your flock as access to water all day long.

  • Spoil Your Chickens 

    – Think of winter as the perfect opportunity to spoil your flock with one of their favorite foods – cracked corn.

  • Evenings Are Best 

    – While you can give your chicken cracked corn all hours of the day.  If you be sure to feed them this treat every evening when the temperatures are at their coldest the chickens will have extra calories to burn overnight to keep themselves warm.



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