Learn how to create a do it yourself or DIY dust bath for your chickens using items you already have at home.

Dust Bath Items Needed

  • Container – 

    Use a shallow item that allows your chicken to completely cover themselves with dirt, sand, and ask from the dust bath.  I typically like to use an old tire or the corner of my coop on the floor.

  • Dirt, Ash, and Sand – 

    You can use a combination of these 3 items and mix equal amounts of each together in the dust bath container or area.  I don’t always have sand available on the homestead so we typically use equal amounts of dirt and ash.

  • Diatomaceous Earth –

    Use a light sprinkling of diatomaceous earth in your chicken’s dust bath.

Chicken Dust Bath Tips

  • Keep Dry –

    Ensure your dust bath is in an area that is kept dry and or away from the harsh elements.

  • You Need A Dust Bath – 

    Unfortunately if you do not have a dust bath available for your chickens they will create one for themselves.  Walking through the yard or pasture and stepping in unknown holes your chickens created to bathe in is not fun.

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