Giving your chicken a place to take a dust bath is an important part of being a chicken mom or dad. If you don’t create a place for your chickens to take a dust bath then the chickens will create a place for themselves.

Reasons Chickens Need Dust Baths

Dust baths keep lice, mites, and other parasites off chickens. The chickens can coat their skin and feathers with the dust, sand, and ash which provides them with the necessary means of keeping away unwanted creepy crawlies.

Items You Need To Make A Chicken Dust Bath

Container –

Start with a shallow container such as an old tire. The container needs to be big enough for the chicken to fit in and cover itself completely.

Components –

Combine equal amounts of ash, dirt, and sand to the dust bath container or area. I don’t always have sand available on our farm. So instead I use equal amounts of dirt and ash and the chickens do not mind one bit.

Extra Protection –

Sprinkle diatomaceous earth into your dust bath to provide your chickens with an extra bit of protection against bugs.

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