Understanding Each Season

Living on our homestead I have realized that we may have 4 seasons but each individual season has 3 parts; beginning, middle, and end. I use these individual sections of each season to easily break down my homesteading tasks to be completed throughout the year. This helps me from being overwhelmed with everything that’s needed to be done on the farm.  Here is how to tell what part of the season you’re in.  If you live in zones 8-10 these do not typically apply to you.




Early Winter

  • No plant growth
  • Soil temperatures are below 40 degrees fahrenheit

Middle Winter

  • No plant growth
  • Soil freezes solid or intermittent
  • Air temps have reached below freezing

Late Winter

  • No grass growth
  • Some plants start poking out of the soil looking for spring
  • Soil temps are below 40 degrees fahrenheit but will show surface thaws in sunny areas of your yard
  • Air temps start to rise above freezing



Early Spring

  • Cool-season grasses start to grow
  • Soil temps are above 40 degrees fahrenheit
  • Farmers are planting their spring grains


Middle Spring

  • Cool-season grasses grow big
  • Soil temps are above 50 degrees fahrenheit
  • Farmers are planting corn


Late Spring

  • Cool-season grasses reach mature sizes
  • Warm-weather grasses start to grow
  • Soil temps are above 60 degrees fahrenheit
  • Farmers start harvesting alfalfa for the first time this year



Early Summer

  • Begins directly after the final frost of the year
  • Soil temps are above 70 degrees fahrenheit
  • Farmers finish cutting their first alfalfa harvest


Middle Summer

  • Warm-weather grasses are exploding
  • Air temps are above 75 degrees fahrenheit


Late Summer

  • Warm-weather grasses slow their growth rate while cool-weather grasses start to grow again
  • Air temps start dropping in the evenings


Early Fall

  • Warm-season grasses stop growing completely while cool-weather grasses continue to grow
  • Soil temps are 70 degrees fahrenheit or below


Middle Fall

  • The middle of fall will start with the first hard frost of the year
  • Cool-season grasses stop growing and leaves are falling from the trees
  • Air temps are 60 degrees fahrenheit or below


Late Fall

  • Nothing is growing
  • Air temps are freezing or below freezing every night
  • Soil temps are 50 degrees fahrenheit or below during the day


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