What Is Early Winter

Early Winter is when the plants stop growing and soil temps fall under 40 degrees fahrenheit. You may see some animals getting ready for winter running around finding places to hibernate.

Snow may fall but will melt and disappear just as quickly as it came. As soon as the ground freezes there is no doubt winter is upon us.

Use the freshly fallen snow to see what your local wildlife is doing. Follow tracks to find dens, watering holes, and feeding areas.



Set yourself up to bring home some meat and fill up your freezer. Now is also a good time to put out a new salt lick for the deer.

In between the snow falling and melting – falling and melting, preferably as soon as early winter starts you will want to cover your perennials and flower beds. Also, cover any water lines that may freeze during the cold months. We like to use leaves, straw, or other bedding. Personally I use old chicken bedding from the coop.

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