Shooting videos today for the next few weeks. Join me as I talk about the middle of winter chores that we complete on the homestead. With everything that goes into running a homestead or farm, you can get easily overwhelmed. Follow along as I show you my tips and tricks for

1) Getting things done
2) Staying on track
3) Not getting overwhelmed
4) Making money from home
5) Being organized
6) Winter chicken care
7) How to care for chickens weeks 1-8
8) Tending to your beehives and fields in winter.



Learn Homesteading Skills

Learn about the orchard, garden, tool shed, pasture, barn, coop, and much much more. The middle of winter is a slow time here on the farm. However, we can use this time to do different things around the homestead which will make life easier for us in the warmer months.

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