What To Do To Your Barn In Early Winter

The wind is getting cold and the ground is starting to freeze. Early winter is upon us.

There are 2 main things you need to be focusing on during this time.

  • Woodlot
  • Barn



Barn Chores For Early Winter

Let’s talk today about the early winter chores we do in the barn.

  • Animal Check –

    Now is when we need to do a thorough check on our animals. If you don’t already have the animals settled into their areas for winter you should go ahead and do so now. Any injuries? Are future vet visits in order? Is everyone eating and drinking okay? Now is the time to assess your animals and take care of problems.

  • Animal Tasks –

    Since it is getting colder and darker earlier than in the warmer months you want to take that into account when doing your evening animal chores. You don’t necessarily need to be running down to the barn or pasture in the cold dark hours of the day. Start adjusting your routine now so you can get the animals fed and bedded down for the night before it gets dark outside. For me that means I need to take care of the animals before I start dinner instead of after I cook.

  • Animal Food and Water –

    Another routine that you will need to modify for the winter months is feeding and watering your animals. Water will start to freeze and will need to be replaced multiple times throughout the day. I go out at breakfast, lunch, and before dinner each day to do animal chores and change out the water. It is important that your animals have access to fresh clean water all day.

  • Chicken Eggs –

    If your chicken or turkey coop is a part of your barn then you should be getting your eggs multiple times a day as well. This will prevent them from freezing.

  • Salt Licks –

    Replace or renew your salt and mineral licks for local wildlife.

  • Rodent and Predators –

    Check your rodent, possum, raccoon, and other animal traps to ensure your barn is rodent and predator-free. Make any necessary repairs or replacements of broken items now.



Check out my Early Winter Homesteading Chore List to stay organized on your farm!



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