What To Do To Your Woodlot In Early Winter

We just finished with the hustle and bustle of spring, summer, and fall. Now that early winter is upon us it is nice to have a break from those seemingly endless chores.

Most of our homestead is on auto piolet at this time of year. If you live in a frozen climate this gives us the perfect opportunity to focus on our woodlot.



Woodlot Chores For Early Winter

  • Thin your woodlot area
  • Prune and trees and bushes that you’re keeping
  • Burn any debris but ensure the ground is wet when you do
  • Cut down trees for next year’s firewood
  • Harvest timber
  • Create firewood and kindling to use in your stoves and fireplaces



Check out my Early Winter Homesteading Chore List to stay organized on your farm!


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