Winter Animal Manure

When it is cold outside the worst chore for me is dealing with all the animal manure. Let me share with you some tips for handling this stinky half-frozen poop.



How To Deal With Animal Poop In The Winter

Chickens –

Use the Deep Litter Method to control chicken poop. Here is the basic rundown for how to use this method in your chicken or turkey coop. I will also include the video where I show you step by step how I do the Deep Litter Method inside our coop.



Deep Litter Method

  1. Clean coop
  2. Place down 6 inches of bedding
  3. Turn the bedding and sprinkle straw on top once a day
  4. Your chickens can turn your bedding over for you by tossing feed onto the coop floor and then you can place the straw on top when you go down to see the chickens each day
  5. Clean out entire coop in the spring



Livestock –

While the Deep Litter Method does work for livestock it is messy and hard to clean out come spring. The best thing to do with livestock manure is to clean it out of the stalls each day and place it into your garden, compost, or flower beds.



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