Quick Tip – Winter Tool or Maintenance Shed

We are not using a lot of our tools during the winter months. The ones we are using are normally tools we use year-round.

Now is the time to do your winter tool shed maintenance.

Winter Tool Shed Maintenance


  • Take Inventory –

    Take inventory of your tools and replace anything that is missing.

  • Make Repairs –

    Did you find any broken tools that need repairs during inventory? Go ahead and take the time to make the necessary repairs now.

  • Replace Broken Tools –

    Maybe some of your tools could not be repaired and need to be replaced. Make a trip to the store now for a replacement so you’re not caught without your tools when the warmer months come.

  • Sharpen Blades –

    Take some time to sharpen the things in the tool shed that need to be sharpened. It is much easier sharpening that chainsaw blade in the middle of winter when you’re not doing much anyway than take 45 minutes out of your day in the middle of summer to tend to the blades.

  • Clean and Organize –

    Cleaning and organizing your tool shed is going to make you feel great and be able to find things easier. I know that I always work better in a clean environment. Plus, keeping a clean tool shed helps to eliminate tripping hazards while you’re working.



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