Being A Homesteader

When we decide to be homesteaders it is normally because we want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. I was one of those people. I decided a long time ago that I wanted to own some land and that I wanted to work from home while being a homesteader and raising my kids.

Make Money While Homesteading

I have found 5 REAL ways that I want to share with you in which I have become successful at making money online.



Real Ways To Make Money Online



YouTube – The most obvious way to make money online is by having a YouTube channel and posting videos. This is not the type of gig where you post a video today and make money tomorrow. You have to post regularly, gain followers, become monetized, and then keep making relative content that your viewers want to watch. Even after you become monetized it may still be a while before you see any revenue. However, do not stop! Keep pushing forward because YouTube is a great way that I bring in income to the homestead to pay the bills.



AdSense – This is the way that YouTube pays you, by using AdSense. However, AdSense can be used for other things as well to generate income. By having a website and placing relevant ads on the sidebars you can start making money. If your website has a great deal of traffic and lots of people are clicking through the ads then you can really start to bring in some consistent money.




eBay – One way that I make instant money is by selling things on eBay. When you post an item and it sells 5 minutes later you then have that cash in your PayPal instantly. You can swipe your PayPal debit card to purchase things right away or do an instant transfer to your bank account. Either way, you get paid instantly and eBay can be a great way to get money quickly.



Amazon Affiliate

Amazon Affiliate – Amazon allows people to partner with them and help to promote and sell their products. In return, Amazon pays you a commission, or a certain %, of the money you bring in. Post your links in your YouTube videos, on your website, on social media posts, in social media groups, and anywhere that you are interacting with the people who will want to buy the things you use on your homestead.


Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant – Being a virtual assistant is the biggest way I bring income into the household while working from home and running my homestead. There are many different places online where you can go to set yourself up to be a virtual assistant. Employers can use those websites to find people to help with their business and then they have the opportunity to email you and hire you. I currently work for another YouTuber who is a Narcissistic Abuse Coach. I manage her employees, do the paperwork, issue w2s for her company, book appointments, invoice clients, manage payroll, answer phones, answer emails, manage online social media, manage websites and online stores, and much more. I am now her Business Manager and I handle anything and everything, from the comfort of my own home, that she doesn’t want to deal with. In exchange, I get a weekly paycheck.


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