Real Ways To Make Money Homesteading

Our dream of being a homesteader and providing for our families does not necessarily mean leaving the house each day for work. Being able to support ourselves by selling our homesteading or homemade products is a big goal for a lot of us.

Learn how to make money

Let me share with you some awesome ways to make homesteading.



Make Money Selling Homesteading Or Homemade Goods

  • Wood – Sell wood at the local gas station or grocery store to make money. check with the store owner or manager beforehand.
  • Eggs – Do you have chickens? How about a surplus of eggs? Now is the perfect time for you to sell those eggs and make some extra money.
  • Fish – We have fully stocked ponds on our homestead. By selling our extra fish at the local farmers market we can make money for the farm.
  • Jams or Jellies – Your extra jams or jellies that are sitting in your cabinets can be turned into cash if you sell them. Again, farmers markets or Facebook selling pages are a great place to start.
  • Homemade or Homesteading Goods – Sell anything you hand-make or have extra around your homestead.
  • Farmers Market – Utilize your local farmers market to start selling your goods.


How To Find A Farmers Market

Not everyone knows where there local farmers market is. By checking the following places you can find one near you.

  • Newspaper or Local Paper
  • Online
  • Word Of Mouth From Neighbors
  • Larger Towns


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