Early Winter Chores

In today’s video, we will cover the entire list of early winter chores for your farm or homestead.

Stay on track

In order to stay on track and not get overwhelmed on the homestead I will take our seasons; winter, spring, summer, and fall and break them down into 4 parts. For example, each season has a beginning, middle, and end. By breaking up my seasons like this I can more effectively schedule my homesteading chores throughout the year. This helps me to be more productive, get everything completed, and not go crazy doing so.

Lets talk chores

Join me as we talk about our early winter chores on the homestead.



Complete Early Winter Chores For The Following Areas Of Your Homestead

  • Barn
  • Coop
  • Tool Shed
  • Pasture
  • Garden
  • Orchard
  • Woodlot


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