#DIY: Mom, I’m Bored Jar – Keep Your Sanity This Summer!

Summer has arrived, kids are out of school, our lives as stay at home moms has changed. If your kids are anything like mine they love to be entertained!

However, with me making videos and blog posts every day plus keeping up with the house I find my time dwindling away. To combat this I created a “Mom, I’m BORED!” jar. Here is how it works!

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YouTube video explaining how to make your jar!

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Items Needed:
Jar with “Mom, I’m Bored” written on it
Tons of free ideas for your kids to do at home on their own

1. Take your paper and use the scissors to cut it into small squares.
2. On each square write down one thing for your kids to do this summer at home, that costs no money, and that entertains themselves.
3. Fold each slip of paper and put inside the jar.

Rules For Kids!
1. If you come to mom or dad and say I’m “bored” you must draw one thing from the jar.
2. Whatever you take from the jar must be completed before you can be “bored” again.
3. Some projects require the child to do things for an entire day – This means the child is not allowed to be “bored” again for that day.
4. If you don’t want to complete the project you draw out… then don’t tell mom you are “bored”… now go play! 🙂

Here is a list of things I put together for you and your kids to get started with your “Mom, I’m Bored” jar. Enjoy!summer bucket list



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