Young_woman_in_a_red_bikiniBefore we know it, the kids will be out of school and we’ll all be headed to the beach, pool or wherever else we’re supposed to go – and we’ll either be sporting something weather-appropriate or otherwise. If you’re like us, you’re leaning toward something cool, comfy and maybe even a little sexy! 

But is your body caught up with your brain yet? Are you ready to get your swimsuits and shorts on and party? No? Well, then you’re in the right place. Let’s talk.

How to get healthy and lose weight for summer

Being healthy is not just about diet and exercise. Choosing healthy over unhealthy means creating a new lifestyle for most of us. With summer right on our heals everyone is trying to get healthy. However, making this a part of your daily routine is the hard part about staying healthy.

Here are some fast tricks to getting and staying on track.

Exercise – Make exercise a part of your daily routine. Find and do My Jogsomething that you enjoy. There are tons of “under 30 minute” exercise routines that you can do. I have used, got results from and love Beachbody programs myself. However, find your favorite thing to do and do it. Yoga? Gym? Zumba? Treadmill? Find it and love it! How often do you want to exercise? Every day? Every other day? Three times a week is the least amount because remember you are trying to make this a part of your life now. So start a routine that you will be comfortable with and that you will stick to.

An Hour a Day – According to personal trainer Dave from 5th Element Wellness, you should be working out for just under an hour a day. “Most of our personal training sessions … are a full 55 minutes because we believe in proper mobility warm-ups prior to training and assisted stretching with every session.” Dave adds that this will help to “prevent injury and enhances recovery,” noting that “having someone assist with your stretching feels absolutely amazing!”

Flexible – You need to stay flexible when it comes to life and that goes for your journey to staying healthy. Things change and we get bored. Don’t be afraid to stop your exercise program in the middle and start something new if you need to. The same goes for your diet also, just remember to eat healthy foods and make the right choices.

Stock ImageSleep – Getting enough rest is very important to keeping yourself mentally and physically healthy. Lack of sleep can negatively impact your every day routine as well. Go to bed on time, stay away from caffeine and alcohol in the evening, relax before bed, and turn off the TV are all things you can do to help get a good night’s rest.

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Go Outside – Choose outdoor activities that make you move. Plant a vegetable garden. Mow the yard. Redo the mulch around your bushes and flowers. Get a clothesline and start bringing your clothes outside to dry. Go for a walk. Take up hiking. Get your bike out. The object is to just start moving more.

Don’t get discouraged during this process. You are learning. Your body is learning and changing. These things take time and there is an adjustment process. Just remember to keep going. Stay motivated by getting friends and family involved. It helps to have someone doing this with you. Find healthy foods that you can afford by visiting a local farmers market. Not all health food is healthy so read your labels. Don’t let work get in the way of being and staying healthy. Make changes in the workplace as well to keep you on track.

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