DIY: Zombies – or yard work

I originally found this pin when I did not have a shed in my yard. However, at the first mention from my husband that he wanted to build a shed I was all for in as long as it could have my Pinterest zombie sign on the side. He very willingly obliged my request and off to the hardware store we went.

In Case Of Zombies

Directions – Make your own Zombie Sign with Pinterest

My first stop after looking at the pin again on Pinterest was Michael’s craft Store. I bought letters that were already the color I needed, along with an UV resistant clear coat so they could hold up to the weather.

I also stopped by a hardware store and got the hooks to hang our tools and rakes on. After spraying the letters and letting them dry we got to work hanging them. I drilled small holes in each and my husband nailed the letters to the side of the shed. After hanging the hooks we tried a few ways of displaying our tools.

Eventually we figured out we would need to improvise a small bit because some things stuck our farther than our hooks. However, as you can see the finished product has turned out great. Our children our and adult friends both love this!

Watch my YouTube video on how to make this pin come to life.

[su_youtube url=”” width=”400″ height=”200″ autoplay=”yes”]

Make sure to check out my other DIY Pinterest YouTube Videos. Want to see if a pin works? Message me and we will find out together!

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